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View Diary: Hi. I'm Elaine Marshall, candidate for US Senate. Can we talk? (305 comments)

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    •  Hey, I was wondering, does the candidate have an (6+ / 0-)

      opinion on Publicly Financed Campaigns?

      It's one of three big issues for me - because they are at the heart of what needs fixing:

      Campaign finance reform
      Healthcare reform
      Immigration reform

      The first two are needed to ensure that our Democracy, our Economy and our People are all healthy.

      Immigration reform is needed because we're running immigration in the 21st century on a 19th century plan. Our government has turned a blind eye to reality for decades, pretending that immigration from Central America is a non-problem - when in reality, it is tied up with our War on Drugs and economic inequality in the western hemisphere.

      Thanks for hanging around and be assured that not everyone missed the last part of Elaine's diary where she said she'd be posting a response diary next week due to time constraints.

      Hopefully, she'll be able to do a 'live blog' response next week!

      Best of luck on the campaign.

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