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View Diary: Hi. I'm Elaine Marshall, candidate for US Senate. Can we talk? (305 comments)

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  •  Secretary Marshall, it is a pleasure to see (5+ / 0-)

    this diary and an honor to have you running in our fine state to dump the ineffective and woefully out of touch Richard Brrrrrrrr.

    As a municipal employee, I have some contact with your office, and am particularly impressed with the improvements to the Secretary of State's website that have taken place during your tenure. I occasionally utilize the website to do corporation searches, too. Now, if only somebody would get our legislature to toughen up the transparancy requirements for LLC's, life would be good! In fact, I hope your experience in your current position will position you to help Congress enact legislation to bring corporate excess and misconduct under control, especially in light of the recent dreadful and anti-individual-rights Citizens United decision in the US Supreme Court.

    I will be looking forward to helping your campaign to provide our state with real representation in the US Senate.

    Oh, and thank you for being so up-front about your opposition to the escalation of our Afghanistan aggression...that takes some courage in a state like ours. The prospect of not only a progressive senator, but a principled one, gives me great joy.

    Best wishes!

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