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View Diary: What stands in the way of "forcing" a filibuster? (251 comments)

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    I don't agree we all want the same things. I think they use process to hide the fact that many of them don't want the same things. We know for a fact that there are ways around this, but it is easier to say "oh well we have no choice because of the rules" than " we do this because that's what we want" So long as we allow them to use the rules as an excuse, we can not know whether my assertion is true. But, that's kind of the point. That they are using process to prevent accountability. The american public according to polls by the way actually could careless about how laws are made. What they care about is how laws impact their lives directly. They actually don't know or need to know how policies are made or whether they are right or left.

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      But the ones who do want the same things are being dragged down in our eyes by the obstructionists.  And the Democratic obstructionists wouldn't have a place to hide if this was really brought to a showdown.  

      I only go to Huffpo for the uh, er, articles.

      by Sun dog on Sun Feb 21, 2010 at 07:22:41 AM PST

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        Which is the point about a lack of accountability. They get to hide, and  use the GOP as the foil.

        It is why Obama is holding a "summit" with the GOP. To create a compare and contrast to the far right versus his right of center government. The point is to create a since of being left of center by comparison to nutjobs. As Al Sharpton once said to Guilani after 9/11: Yeah, you are comparing yourself to mad men. By comparison even bo-bo the clown would look like a real leader.

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