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View Diary: Breaking - Light plane hits office building in Austin, Texas - Updated (398 comments)

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    now that the breathless comparisons to 9/11 are inevitable, that....

    A small airplane like this is simply not capable of causing a tremendous amount of damage.  Seriously. Small planes are light, don't carry that much fuel, and are simply not capable of carrying a lot of weight.  Think of a Honda Civic with wings and that's what you've got (although the Honda weighs more than many small planes).

    People have intentionally crashed small planes into buildings before, and nobody has ever been killed by that (except the idiots who were flying the planes and trying to commit suicide).  In this case, there were a couple of injuries, and one person (apparently) missing.  That may turn out to be a fatality (or maybe not) many people have been killed by small planes in incidents like this, compared to how many people have been killed by cars and trucks barreling into them?  The cars are a lot more dangerous.

    It seems like this guy simply was at the end of his rope (and based on what I've read elsewhere, his rope was pretty short).  Money troubles, domestic troubles, pissed off at the world, he was looking for a way to end it all.  He found a way.

    This isn't a terrorist attack.  This was just a loser committing suicide.  The only thinking that makes it more newsworthy tha any of the other hundred Americans who killed themselves today is this guy provided good video footage, so the Wurlitzer can crank up and g full tilt for a few hours.

    Tiger Woods should be along soon enough to provide another bright, shiny object for the idiots to focus on.

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