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  •  Here's a plug to an anti-bullying bill, Fredrick; (8+ / 0-)

    and and a plug for my sister who is at the forefront of combating this problem.

    My sis is the CEO of Committee for Children, a nonprofit that is the world's leading producer of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula.  Violence prevention, anti-bullying and abuse prevention are what they do, and they do it extremely well.

     If you go to this video from their website (a great intro to their work with a great Ben Harper/Jack Johnson tune in the background), you'll see a link to a press release for HR 4223, a bill that promotes the research-proven methods of SEL and that, if implemented, will have more positive impact per dollar than any other educational initiative Congress could conceivably enact.  

    That might sound over the top, but it isn't hyperbole; the methods and educational philosophy that this bill enables have been proven to not only vastly improve teaching and learning environments, but also to repair the broken social structures that are hampering so many of our nation's schools and children (check out the awards their programs have garnered).

    Furthermore, it is an early childhood initiative.  All educators know that reaching kids at the earliest stage is the most effective way to create lasting educational and social benefit.  

    Too bad "No Child Left Behind" has already been relegated to the dustbin of Highly Ironic Titles; a better phrase could hardly be crafted to encapsulate the import and benefit that HR4233 will have for our nation.   Maybe someone will come up with a better one to help sell the bill.

    I hope this community will do its part to support and promote HR4223.  Maybe you could do some research on it and produce one of your great diaries?

    In the meantime, if we want to do something positive about this debilitating national problem, we can do much more than just praise Governor Patrick's important support of a victim of bullying: ask your Rep to cosponsor the bill to support all like victims across the country.  

    I can't overstate its importance.

    "Well, yeah, the Constitution is worth it if you can succeed." -Nancy Pelosi, 6/29/07.

    by nailbender on Fri Feb 19, 2010 at 10:42:32 PM PST

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