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    For one thing, he has made transporation infrastructure a priority, notably restoring and reviving the rail system. We see this most dramatically in my area, where working with municipalities, the feds, busineses and universities, his adminisration is making the rail corridor a linch pin of regional economic development. Because of the concentration of colleges and universities in this area, they are calling the concept "the knowledge corridor." Part of this was the development of a huge state computer complex in Holyoke which is a joint project of several companies and universities. There are many good things to say about this alone, but I would add a word about how Gov. Patrick is devoting some remedial attention to this part of the state, which has been victimized by the parochialism and corruption of Bostocentric politics and public policy for generations. Part of his efforts at reform, has been to make government policy making far more thoughtful and fair.

    That said, there are many things I disagree with the guv about. I have been, for example, a fierce opponent of his intentions (thwarted so far) to bring casino gambling to MA.  But it is very rare when you have a statewide pol you agree with on everything. It is too easy come election time, to focus only on the disagreements. In my case, if I focused only on casinos, for example, I would forget that all of the guv's opponents are casino proponents as well.

    I would be remiss in this comment if I did not note that when the Catholic Church and the Religious Right tried to get a binding initiative on the state ballot that would have overturned marriage equality in MA, Patrick spent a lot of political capital early in his term ensuring that there were insufficient votes in the legislature to allow that to happen. And so we have not had to have ongoing fighting about that, thanks in substantial part, to Gov. Patrick.

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