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    Someday I'll write a snark diary and freak everyone out...

    But it's important to learn about these things, and how what we do impacts the rest of the world. For now, the US doesn't buy oil from the Sudan. We do a lot of business with China, though.

    In any case, it isn't clear how to resolve this conflict. There is too much causing it -- even if the government stopped backing one side, the fights over resources would persist, and the politics won't go away.

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      Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's president, has arrived in Qatar to conclude a peace agreement that could see an end to the war in Darfur.


      First to make the muddled mess that is Sudan even more is Russia that supplies the helos. Mi-24 attack helicopters that Sudan has are Russian made.

      Then you have Chad/Sudan conflict. Each accuse the other of harboring terrorists. Oddly, we don't care that Chad is run by an equally brutal leader.

      Throw on top of this a long-standing Israeli hatred of Sudan for the "Three no's"... and you have all sorts of governments around the world that are supposed to be providing adult leadership that are instead using Sudan as a place to quietly play games while innocents die. It's not like the rebels weren't armed by someone.

      I don't know a single country that has done right by Sudan (including the Sudanese gov't).

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