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  •  you're right, but the economy is the problem... (0+ / 0-)

    George - you're right about progressive problems with framing, but that's not our biggest problem right now.  By that, I agree that we need to address larger problems with how we frame progressive governance, but the biggest problem we have is the economy.  If unemployment were at 6%, or even 7%, the GOP would be on the verge of being wiped out in 2010 and 2012.  But, with unemployment at 9.7%, the average American will vote against us in 2010.  2012 will be better, but 2010 will be a killer.

    Really, we needed to pass a MUCH larger stimulus bill, and we should have called it a jobs bill (better framing!).  When the GOP tried to filibuster it, we should have exposed their delaying tactics, told Americans that conservatives wanted the economy to collapse so they could regain power, and then changed the filibuster rules via the "Constitutional Option".  

    Obama took another route.  He passed a "stimulus" package that was too small in order to get it passed quickly and avoid a chance of complete economic collapse.  It was the safe and risk-averse choice.  But, I think it was the wrong choice.  In politics, you have to try and knock out your opponents when you get a chance.  The biggest threat to this country isn't Al Qaeda, it's the national GOP.  They needed to be understood as the threat they are to our common prosperity, and completely discredited.  Instead, the awful economy, which Bush caused and Obama is fixing (slowly), is killing us politically.

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