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    Austin is a tiny town in the middle of the woods in Pennsylvania. An old college prof that I know did a video about it. (There's a link in the Wiki citations, but I don't think it's posted online.)

    Here's more info if you are interested.

    Austin Flood 1911

    Austin, a quiet town in Potter County between St. Marys and Couldersport, holds the distinction of having survived the second-worst flood disaster in Pennsylvania's history. On Sept. 30, 1911, at 2:29 in the afternoon, the Bayliss Dam burst. The floodwaters engulfed the town of 2,000 inhabitants, leaving 78 dead and a mass of wreckage in its wake. While the devastation caused by the Johnstown Flood is remembered through films, memorials and museums, the tragedy at Austin faded into obscurity.


    There was never a public trial to place responsibility for the failure of the dam. Designer Hatton fought Bayliss in the public press. Ultimately, Hatton felt distraught over the tragedy. "Let the young engineer look to my misfortune," he wrote. Editorializing about the "The Lesson of Austin," The Saturday Globe of Utica, N.Y., concluded "... if the frightful fate visited upon Austin results in greater engineering and construction care in the case of the many great dams that are now being built and which are designed to hold back tremendous volumes of water, the sacrifice, needless and probably criminal as it was, will not have been in vain."

    Fox "News" lies 120 percent of the time.

    by Casual Wednesday on Sun Feb 21, 2010 at 03:03:26 PM PST

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