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View Diary: Newsweek: Yoo said Bush could order civilian massacres! (299 comments)

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  •  It also gives a green light to those who follow (8+ / 0-)

    in the future - since Bushco was allowed to ignore the Constitution, especially once they got their war started, the next Republican president won't wait several months to start a war and declare themselves above the law - they're going to go on precedent, declare war on their first day in office and not waste time like Bush did.

    •  For these people, there are no red lights (7+ / 0-)

      when they want to do something. Bush already declared his point of view exactly on the issue of how history would view the war he started, in his interview with Bob Woodward in December of 2001:

      Asked by Woodward how history would judge the war, Bush replied: "History. We don't know. We'll all be dead."

      People like GWBush (who is to dense) and Cheney (who is too ideological) don't care for history, or its judgments, which will never deter people like Cheney from trying to impose their PNAC ideology on the world. As Talleyrand said of the Bourbon monarchs, "They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing."

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