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View Diary: VA Legislative Sentry: Have a Miscarriage, Go to JAIL? (231 comments)

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  •  Technically Unenforceable (none)
    Without a doctor to pronounce a death, how can a mother be sure of the time of death, or even that the miscarried material is not alive, or ever was alive, or that whatever that was, the fetus is not still just hanging in there?

    This seems to be badly written law that would not survive a challenge, but then of course, IANAL!

    •  I've had two miscarriages. . . (none)
      . . .and for at least the first 12 hours each time, the doctors weren't sure that I was miscarrying. They told me I'd have to "wait and see". And neither time was there anything recognizable as "fetal tissue". Not surprising, at only 6 and 10 weeks, respectively.

      And having read a lot of literature about miscarriage, I can tell you this: there would be no way to know when "fetal death" occurs unless the fetus has a heartbeat and you're hooked to a monitor. Sometimes, it takes the body days or weeks to figure out that the embryo/fetus is no longer alive before getting rid of it.

      When only the govemment lacks virtue, there remains a resource in the people's virtue; but when the people itself is corrupted, liberty is already lost.

      by Robespierrette on Fri Jan 07, 2005 at 12:22:36 PM PST

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