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View Diary: Fox 'News' vs. Ron Paul and the tea partiers (244 comments)

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  •  Many of them also love neo-nazis. (2+ / 0-)
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    phenry, Catte Nappe

    Makes it kind of hard to be supportive of them.  Paul is just an old school states-righter hiding behind libertarian words.  

    But then, everyone is libertarian when they aren't in power.

    •  Sounds like you are makeing unprovable assumption (0+ / 0-)

      SO prove them please. What percent are of the National Socialist bent.. in fact if you even new what national socialisim is you would see they would really despise it. In fact some deride Pat Buchanin for being a racisit.. I think you misgudge out of not speniing enough time.. i sm sure some guy out thier in is Camoflaug coat loves Paul.  But I do not see where your case is made at all. This makes your argument a unjustified one. Love you but I compleatly disagree..

      Even if Paul had been the grand wizard of the KKK in the 50s that does not mean he holds those views now or are you reflecting upon him some immutable predjudice from yourself on him.. I.e. you are a Dem  he is a Repub so therfor must be a racist.. sad.. Or even the same with is supporters...

      •  The fact that he writes, or at least publishes (1+ / 0-)
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        racist newsletters ("allegedly" written by buddy Lew Rockwell).  The fact he speaks to and supports racist organizations like the John Birch Society.  Or that Paul supporters like the dailypaul routinely post anti-semitic videos and tributes to anti-semites like Eustace Mullins?

        And ignore the fact white supremacists and neo-nazis are just about universal in supporting him, and the fact some have said he is one of them, and the fact he meets with them, speaks at their conferences, accepts money from them, etc.

        It may not matter to you, but it matters to me.

        See also:

        •  I actually was a moderaator on DP during the (0+ / 0-)

          primaries and we would never ever allow such irrational and anti libertarian voices. We said its ok if you have your views but Ron Paul and the sites owner does not agree so you must respect that. Ron Paul is not a racist. You choose to belileve it with scant evidence. As much evidence as republicans have that Obama is a illegal alien. I had a brilliant philosophy professor who told me give the benefit of the doubt to the author or orginatior of an idea if they are attmpting in good fait to dsicussthe matter. You ave done niether in regard to paul but thats ine. I undestand but I fear no mans intellectual folly till they hold a gun.

          •  LOL, nice job trying to equate people familiar (1+ / 0-)
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            with Ron Paul's history with birthers.  Did you read the link I posted?  After reading that, do you really want to pretend that Paul isn't a racist?

            I mean, I appreciate your honesty about being a moderator, but I think you are seeing what you want to see.  I suppose it might not have been so bad during the primaries...the bad stuff I saw there was all within the past year.  

            •  I have to say I have not been thier this last (0+ / 0-)

              Year much as I have spent almost all my free time for the HCR stuff.. I swear they must curl thier eyse when my number comes in at the offices of Putnum and

              I am sure some crazys are thier.. I remember deleating all the conspiricy posts thier.. I was stil a dem then but We had lost our delegates in FLorida so I though what the heck I will help the only rpubuclian that is anti war, torture etc..

          •  Nonsense (2+ / 0-)
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            phenry, Gatordiet

            The evidence isn't scant and attempting to dismiss in this fashion suggest that you haven't the ability to answer it effectively.

            •  The man says he does naot believe in racism (0+ / 0-)

              and I do not see him doing any of that stuff now. None of it.. And even if he is he is thier best republican as he does not want war etc.. I am not saying he never was a racist but I am giveing him the benefit ofthe doubt. Its a matter of principle with me. I ahve had friend that I stopped bieng friends with over predudice and racism. I do not know the man personally but the ideas he expsouses do not contracdict that statment. And saying someoen has a accent and its fack is amazingly bad form and unkind. But we all have bad days dont we.  I will rearead the site but past information does not make a person who they are now if they changed etc.. even if he was the Grand Wizard of the KKK and now is not then I would be more than happy with that or am I supposed to say once a devil always one? I find that irrational.

            •  Sorry I could not respond suooner i was working. (0+ / 0-)

              ugh..lots owf work.

              •  How do deal with (0+ / 0-)

                the fact that the policies he advocates vis a vis government spending and programs would have profound and devastating impact primarily on people of color?

                •  I disagree with his economic policies but that (0+ / 0-)

                  does not make him racist. In fact he would proabably kill me as I am a type I diabetic and when I retire will need all sorts of help. I would die.. But I do not think he hates white men because of that.. His policieis in the economic realm are very very bad but his anti war posltions make him palatable to me inthe sense taht if his anti war socially liberal views could be spread it could make crossovers to our party easier. You make people undrstand that all mankind are equal and that they have rights given by the creator and they may become colectivists like me and you. I am a socialist and a libertarian and hope more republicans come to hate war and want to uphold the principles of equity .. I for one think the free market is a failure. Its good for a few things but not the really important ones.. Like schools, healthcare on and on...

                •  btw I love conversing with you (0+ / 0-)

                  Now I am off to order some food.. lol.. left my dishes overnight and no soup bowles for the yummy chicken soup I made...loll

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