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  •  TEA PARTY MOVEMENT SCHISMS: Ron Paul&Sarah Palin (3+ / 0-)
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    Highly ideological groups such as the Tea Party Movement (TPM) are pre-disposed toward irreconcilable schisms. Consider the following.

    (1) In the most recent edition of its "Freedom Index", the John Birch Society scores the voting behavior of Cong. Ron Paul of TX as 100%. Paul is often cited as the father of the contemporary TPM. Furthermore, Cong. Paul has endorsed the Birch Society.

    See JBS comments about Ron Paul here: and see video of Ron Paul at JBS 50th Anniversary Celebration here: /

    Also see JBS magazine: The New American, 4/28/08, p8 for article entitled: “Ron Paul Congratulates The John Birch Society on 50th Anniversary” for following comment by Ron Paul:

    "The John Birch Society is a great patriotic organization featuring an educational program solidly based on constitutional principles. I congratulate the Society in this, its 50th year. I wish them continued success and endorse their untiring efforts to foster 'less government, more responsibility ... and with God's help ... a better world.'"

    In addition, Paul has stated:

    "The beneficial, educational impact of the John Birch Society over the past four decades would be hard to overestimate. It is certainly far more than most people realize. Anyone who has been in the trenches over the years battling on any of the major issues - whether it’s pro-life, gun rights, property rights, taxes, government spending, regulation, national security, privacy, national sovereignty, the United Nations, foreign aid - knows that members of the John Birch Society are always in there doing the heavy lifting. And most importantly, they approach all of these issues from a strong moral and constitutional perspective. Lots of people pay lip service to the Constitution, but Birchers study it, understand it, apply it, and are serious about protecting it and holding public officials accountable to it."

    Nevertheless, three TPM candidates are challenging Cong. Ron Paul in his re-election bid. See:

    (2) Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has endorsed Ron Paul's son, Rand, in his campaign for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

    But the CEO of the Birch Society (Art Thompson), in a 2/10/10 column on the JBS website entitled “Sarah Palin and the Establishment” has questioned Palin's bona fides as a genuine conservative and constitutionalist because Thompson thinks she might be a pawn of "establishment" Republicans who take their marching orders from "internationalists" and other "elitists" such as the Council of Foreign Relations -- whom (along with “big government neo-cons”) involve us in unconstitutional wars, conflicts, and alliances around the globe. See Thompson column here:

    Consequently, one can expect further major internal rifts within the TPM -- and, most likely, it will disintegrate into more and more schisms and acrimonious claims of apostasy.

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