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View Diary: Fox 'News' vs. Ron Paul and the tea partiers (244 comments)

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  •  Actually, the Tea Parties came out of Boston (0+ / 0-)

    and were parallel organization to the Campaign for Liberty, started by funding outside of said Campaign for Liberty.

    In fact, when certain leftists, who were still with Ron Paul, saw the tide turning ugly and realizing the Campaign for Liberty was about to be co-opted encouraged, nay, championed the name TeaBaggers.

    It was almost like this band of leftists, on their way out the door to help Obama with his money bombs, they seeded a plant to hiliarious that the entire country would collective laugh at the fringe gathering on the tea boats.

    A last sweet kiss goodbye from the Ron Paul 50 gang. Sure, the media stunts were epic, Google Ron Paul in the nYc flightpath for instance, but they knew.

    Oh how they knew what was on the horizon.

    So they TeaBagged them all.

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