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View Diary: Corporate lobbyist fundraising e-mail: Support Pat Toomey's fight against the "populist" agenda (148 comments)

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    When you look at the past history of corporate donations, you will see that the corporados are in fact ruthlessly nonpartisan--they simply want access to the people in power who can give them what they want, and they don't particularly care which party they belong to.  That is why, when the Repugs are in power, they get the lion's share of corporate donations, and when the Dems are in power, THEY get the lion's share of corporate donations. (I suggest we all spend a few hours poking around, where they have all the campaign contributions for the past few decades broken down by party, by year and by industry.)

    After all, let's keep in mind why we don't have a decent health care reform bill anywhere in the (Democratic-dominated) Congress.

    It may make our partisan blue-banner-waving tummies feel all warm and fuzzy to pretend that the Repugs get all the corporate money and the Dems bravely carry on without it, but alas it 't'ain't so.  The corporados own both parties.

    Editor, Red and Black Publishers, http://RedandBlackPublishers.Com

    by Lenny Flank on Tue Feb 23, 2010 at 07:42:21 PM PST

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