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View Diary: THIS is what the Democratic Party does; it's who they are (1099 comments)

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  •  Many (most?) of our "representatives"... (5+ / 0-)
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    are the rich, so it's in their own self- interest to tailor legislation to favor the rich, IMHO.

    The sticky part for them is keeping the voters convinced that they are working on the voter's behalf, rather than working for their even richer sponsors.

    The republicans tactic is to whip up fear of the democrats/ liberals/ socialists, and of course, of terrorists and foreigners. The Democrats keep offering lofty sounding goals and wonderfully inspiring promises, and then giving very minimal return on those promises, while offering numerous excuses--lack of votes being the trusty old standby, whether they are in the minority or the majority--for their failure to unite and meet their goals and fulfill their promises.    

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