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View Diary: The Combustible Mix of Populism and Hyperbole (79 comments)

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  •  Yeah, there's a lot of that going around. (13+ / 0-)

    I have a few Republican friends who insist that ALL government employees are lazy and that the private sector is ALWAYS preferable to anything government-run.

    Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is having bad consequences in a time when local governments have revenue issues.  The jobs get cut in the name of fiscal responsibility, and get outsourced.

    When you get too big a majority, you're immediately in trouble. -- Sam Rayburn

    by wmtriallawyer on Wed Feb 24, 2010 at 11:33:15 AM PST

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    •  The really ironic part is that I've dealt with (10+ / 0-)

      ... executives at dozens of Fortune 500 companies over the years and, guess what? They have the same issues that government entities have. When I hear the refrain that "companies the private sector have to show a profit" I just laugh.

      I have seen plenty of companies that are absolutely screwed up and survive because of things like owning a near-monopoly on their business.

      Part of that is just human nature. Every enterprise will have its share of outstanding employees and dregs when the enterprise gets to a certain size. Fundamentally, it's all about leadership.

      Well-functioning government entities are usually driven by strong, successful leadership. Just like the private sector.

      I have wrested back control of my account from my dog, Rex.

      by Bob Johnson on Wed Feb 24, 2010 at 11:37:24 AM PST

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      •  I couldn't agree more (1+ / 0-)
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        I've worked both in public and private sector.  There are slackers and individuals out to game the system and screw over others no matter where they work.

        Coalition does not equal unholy alliance--Deoliver47

        by glynis on Wed Feb 24, 2010 at 12:20:27 PM PST

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