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    DKos diarist Crispian Day wrote a beautiful mother-centered piece this morning which I think is highly appropriate in terms of setting a good and creative mindframe for analyzing this summit:

    The dollars my mother paid in taxes, the dollars I pay, should rightfully go to make the lives of all Americans a little easier. They should help the most helpless, the elderly and children. They should pay for someone to police the institutions we trust to keep our savings and investments safe.

    My mother would have been baffled by a Pat Robertson saying that the people of Haiti deserved what they got. She had nothing and still she gave what she could. And she loved America. She lived in freedom, and never took it for granted.

    These people who would use God's name to tear us apart would have been like aliens to her. It is good that she did not ever hear a Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh. It would have terrified her to know that these people were accepted--she would have recognized their lie.

    Mr. President, thank you for trying to bring back the America we knew. Thank you for trying to make things just a little bit easier for all of us, but especially for the most vulnerable of us. I wish you had been President while my mom lived. We would surely have had more time with her, and we would surely have had less pain to live with even now.

    I know it is alien to you to work with people who care for no one but themselves. But remember when you walk into those healthcare talks, you have all of us with you. The easier you can make American's lives with the tax dollars they sent the more beloved you will be. We have been too long in an America that most of us cannot fathom.

    He received too few tips for such a beautiful sharing of his mother.

    Thanks for the live blog!' New Science-Based Climate Change Agency

    by GN1927 on Thu Feb 25, 2010 at 08:35:02 AM PST

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