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  •  how to respond to abortion crap (1+ / 0-)
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    The Nose

    should they ever decide to fight fire with fire, congress can say "ok we understand your position on abortion and will add to it: we would like to include the death penalty for anyone of your religious fanatics (provable by auditing church donation tax write off) who is shown to have benefited by stem cell scientific developments. you agree that they violated their own principles having exploited the use of killing those zygote potential life forms, and therefore have committed murder. we can't have double standards and will give them fair trials and offer the latest single injection death penalty methods for their comfort. no longer do they have to yearn for Armageddon or lament over missing the jim jones boat, they can meet their maker asap."

    btw, did you hear that cartalk mentioned bumper sticker? "honk if you love jesus...text if you want to meet him?"

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