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  •  NIH included women in trials prior to 1991 (0+ / 0-)

    I'll accept that she meant the NIH. I restricted a new Google search to NIH as you suggested and still found plenty of evidence that women were included in NIH trials prior to 1991. You cite no evidence that women were not included prior to 1991, just that some people were concerned about women not being properly included.

    I did not review primary sources, but found ones that cited NIH or GAO reports that contradict Rep. Slaughter's assertion. In 1988 (close to Slaughter's 1990 date) the NIH reported men's health received 4.4% of the NIH research budget while women's health received 9.7%. By 1999 the disparity had increased to 6.4% versus 15.5%.

    Can anyone cite evidence to support Rep. Slaughter's assertion that the NIH did not include women in health trials in 1991 or prior? If not, why did she make this statement?

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