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  •  Scaife? George Mason University? (4.00)
    Tell me, Roemer, why are you still a Democrat?

    Dean: Who knew a Country Doctor could heal a Country? Dean 2008 and beyond!

    by CarolDuhart on Fri Jan 07, 2005 at 09:38:32 AM PST

    •  He is RIGHTWING! (none)
      He is a rightwinger!

      He may do the DNC talk, but he is doing all the righwing ideology. I wonder where he stands on all Bush policy.

    •  What I Find Worst About This (4.00)
      Is that George Mason is a state university.  Scaife money is being spent to turn a public institution into a dispenser of right-wing propanda.

      "L'enfer, c'est les autres." - Jean Paul Sartre, Huis Clos

      by JJB on Fri Jan 07, 2005 at 10:23:41 AM PST

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    •  Right on (none)
       --but I had a slightly different perspective in Delaware Dem's diary - he was saying that Kos should only allow people who are LOYAL Democrats to post.  My assertion remains that its less about the LABEL Democrat - who anyone can appropriate as is observed with Roemer, than with a set of values and principles.  Until and unless those core principles become aligned with the Democrats again, our affiliation with that party is not only unwise, but actually damaging to setting up opposition to the status quo in this country.  In my opinion, we are moving very rapidly beyond such limited terms as Democrat and Republican to terms that more clearly describe what the choices REALLY are - like fascist and anti-fascist.
      •  Signature in cyberblood required. (4.00)
        I'm extremely uncomfortable with the Loyalty Test.

        I'm a damned good Democrat, down to my soul.

        But what comes out of my mouth and keyboard is, quite often, and without apology, a harsh critique of Democrats who are letting us down.

        I'm about getting Democrats elected. But in order to do that, they're going to have to shape the hell up. It's not disloyal just because I observe it to be true and comment on it.

        •  Agree (4.00)
          --but challenge you to think about what the label Democrat means rather than supporting the values that you believe in...Please donot just think "inside the box" called Democrat.  

          How did I get here? I am a very middle class, comfortable person, not a radical by nature. But when I stepped back and looked - REALLY looked at what was happening and who was doing what - I had no choice but to start to question that the old paradigm is appropriate anymore.  When our "leaders" are supporting very questionnable positions, or allowing themselves to be used to our detriment - you must - must check it out. Why is Kerry feeling that it is more important to be in Iraq supporting Bush's faux election hoax than sticking up for HIS voters in the black community. Not to overthrow the election, but to help us get a valid and honest voting system.  He should be preaching that day and night! And how about our former President Clinton.  What the f---- is he doing shilling for Bush's poor and pathetic handling of the tsunami crisis? Why is Roemer even MENTIONED and why do our so called Congressional leaders as highly placed as Pelosi and Reed not know this about someone who they are supporting as CHAIR of the Democratic Party - and over a man (Dean) who clearly supports many of the principles that ALL Democrats are supposed to support - who took the vanguard and showed the way to oppose Bush's regime when NO ONE else did?

          Those are just the very superficial things.  There are much deeper issues related to policy stands on Social Security, the war, Medicare, opposing judicial appointments - I don't HEAR MUCH and certainly not frank opposition.  More, clever positioning - like the Dems had "better be careful".  HELL - OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE and these people are trying to figure out where the garden hose is rather than organizing a bucket brigade of thousands and thousands of us citizens who desperately want to put the fire out.

          Now, am I certain that the paradigm has shifted THAT much? Not absolutely, but I am closer to believing that its changed than thinking that our old frames and notions still apply.  I am ready to move though and I urge everyone to question his or her comfort and old secure notions.  Let us check the reality of our eyes, ears and brains. Let us be ready to put aside our comfort zones to do what is necessary if that proves to be the case with the facts on the ground.  

          I want to be wrong - believe me, Kim. I absolutely want to be wrong.

          •  :::shudder:::: (4.00)
            I read your post, twice, and got that clenching feeling in my gut that tells me you're speaking some very harsh scary truths there.

            I've learned something the last 6 months. My boss is a good man, a hardworking man, and a wealthy man. A very wealthy man. And I've learned this: on some level, there are no parties, there are no colors, no genders, no politics. There is only wealth and power, and the pursuit of keeping and expanding same.

            And at some point, this becomes a zero-sum game. Who's being zeroed out? You and me.

            •  You got it... (none)
              --join the ranks of the sleepless but resolved.

              I am not saying that we hit the streets yet. Not the time or the solution necessarily. We have to see how to best approach what needs to be done.  Stay alert to what the Dems decide to do or not do.  But lets be ready to call it out loud and clear for starters.  No more facile lies, no more tolerance of clever positioning.

              We want our true leaders to be born during this time of change. They WILL step up. We will see who they are. Don't just expect them where you see them now. Some of them will be us.

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