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    Years ago, right out of college, I worked for a company that did not offer sick days.  If you were sick, you had to use vacation.  Not only did my coworkers not want to "waste" vacation, but they had no problems mingling as normal with everybody those days they did come in sick.

    One person came in with laryngitis.  This was near the end of the year, so she had no vacation time left.  Her job took her throughout the factory.  Within a couple of days, folks from every department were coming to work with no voice, mingling.....  I was lucky - it hit me on a long holiday weekend, so I was able to avoid folks.

    I have seen my fair share of coworkers using sick time and not coming to work due to hangovers.  That is the price to pay for allowing workers to not pollute the workplace when they are really sick.  It saved most of us from H1N1 - 2 or 3 caught it, but it went no further.

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