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  •  E.D Hirsch perspective (0+ / 0-)

    I'm reading a book by Hirsch titled "The Knowledge Deficit".  I know he is conservative but I go to all sources to inform myself.  His perspective is that we need to increase knowledge of the world in order to increase reading comprehension, once one gets past Phonics type decoding phases.  He attributes the fall-off in reading in the 3rd 4th Grade age group to simple lack of sufficient general knowledge.  I wonder if teachers have an opinion about that?  For your info I'm a school board member trying to assess programs like Reading Recovery and the Columbia teaching methods.  Teachers seem to have mixed opinions as to what works.

    •  not elementary teacher so have limited expertise (0+ / 0-)

      although at one point I was enrolled in a Masters in Reading Education and have some training in general.

      One of sad aspects of NCLB has been how rather than having kids reading real literature they have had to do drill for the "reading" tests which have little to do with real reading.

      Don't know if that helps.

      do we still have a Republic and a Constitution if our elected officials will not stand up for them on our behalf?

      by teacherken on Wed Mar 03, 2010 at 02:16:48 PM PST

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