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  •  I'm Glad Someone Sees the Double Standard (none)
    Armstrong is the wrong ethnicity. 'Nuff Said.  But the fact that the Right is hanging him out to dry should send a message to all, especially people of ethnic background, spouting the Republithugs shtick, are as good a friend as long as they have usefulness to them.  This should be a message to anyone willing to sell their soul in order to feed at the corporate trough.

    Watch how fast Ward Connerly plays out, now that he doesn't have Pete Wilson to front for him, and the Board of Regents in California have practically kicked him out of the system for using his position to promote anti-civil rights issues.

    Get rid of anything the Democratic Leadership Council. Visit the weblog:

    by The Truth on Fri Jan 07, 2005 at 02:35:13 PM PST

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    •  What's really funny is... (none)
      that Jonah is so much mad about the fact it was done, that it's propagnada, that it's a waste of taxpayer resources, that it's unethcial journalism. He wasn't even mad about the WH at first then added to the post later saying how stupid the WH was. he is mad at the image it gives to the Bush admin and the right wing echo chamber. If the whole post is read Jonah is mad more at the fact that if Armstrong was looking for money or needed money(for an operation as jonah put it) then he seems to be saying that there is vast right wing infrastructure that could have provided Williams with the money, the Bushes know this, and it is only bad politically.
      •  Jonah's mad NOW though (none)
        He's mad, you see, that Gilliard called Williams the Uncle Tom he is.

        May be unclear on the concept, Jonah. But as I point out in another thread, Jonah's whole life has basically been payola, albeit sifted through some think tanks. So he probably is struggling to understand the complexity of this issue. Poor Jonah.

        •  it's hilarious- Jonah was so clueless (none)
          that he couldn't figure out Steve G is black, so he hit him hard for the language in Steve's post, which would admittedly be out of the park racist if Steve were white. So now all the NRO idiots are over on Steve's blog calling him racist and suggesting he join the KKK. You've got to read it to believe it
          •  It's outrageous (none)
            that correctly labeling minority GOP apologists "Tom" instantly brings out all of these screams of racism from both the left and the right.  What's truly funny is that Toms like Williams know precisely what they are doing: trading in their minority status for money. It seems as if the policital correctness brigade unfortunately doesn't understand that it plays right into Rove's trap by attempting to stymie discussion about the illegitimacy and self-serving qualities of the relationship between the GOP and its apologists of color.

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