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  •  Because he doesn't have to hand out (6+ / 0-)

    love and support without some reciprocation anymore than she does.  Remaining neutral for a day or two would not have had a make or break result because she pretty much opposes everything the Obama Administration says they want to do anyway; AND she's probably toast - so what's the upside of latching on to another loser like Coakley?  As far as I am concerned, not much.

    I am all for making alliances and taking care of people in the party, but if they are going to go after you and drag you down too, what's the point?

    The Obama Administration needs to start focusing on empowering their allies rather than being so obsessed with trying to negotiate with their foes.  Frankly, George Bush would have been smarter to have done that too where it came to national security.  We got all obsessed with the terrorists and damaged some important relationships with our allies as a result.  I think the Obama Administration is making a big mistake pursuing people who will never love them at the expense of the people who really, really want to love everything about them.

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