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View Diary: Today, I became a Democrat. (268 comments)

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    Congratulations on your well-deserved trip to the rec list. I hope you never have a reason to regret your decision.

    But frankly, in Massachusetts, even if you were a lot less oriented toward the Democratic position, it could be a practical thing to register as a Democrat, because a lot of the action can occur in Democratic primaries. In my city of New York, many people who vote Republican for some positions are registered Democrats for just that kind of practical reason. And if I ever move to a place that's so heavily Republican that I am more likely to affect the quality of my representation by voting for either the least crazy or least viable Republican candidate, I could imagine myself swallowing hard, registering Republican to vote in Republican primaries, and always voting Democratic in general elections. I don't know if that makes me slightly more cynical than you or not.

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