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  •  I've never understood letting independents ...... (1+ / 0-)
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    ..... vote in a party primary.  If someone wants a say in a party, they should be a member of that party.  Or take what they get.  

    •  I see your point... (0+ / 0-)

      but the necessity of voting in primaries is one of the reasons that I've remained registered Republican.

      I never vote for a Republican for a state or federal last such embarassment was voting for the first B**h in 1988 (before Novem was born). But where I live, local office - particularly the office of County Commissioner - is one of the most important elections we HAVE every two years. Our county is so red (I know, disgusting...I should move, but I've grown roots here) that no Democrat can get elected countywide. So, the County Commission primary is always a battle between some really crooked, really sleazy, really unacceptable Republicans and some slightly less objectionable ones. The differences in local policy are life and death for county residents, and the election - there being no viable Democrats on the ballot in November - is won or lost in May.

      There are, of course, statewide and national Democratic primaries, but even independents can only vote in one or the other - you can't pick and choose - so I've had to give up the ability to vote in statewide Democratic primaries (the presidential primary is always too late to make a difference anyway). I hate that this year, for example, because I would love to vote for Elaine Marshall in the Senate primary (get rid of Burr...YEA!!!!!!) but there's some serious Republican filth on the County Commission ballot that cannot be allowed to win.

      There's never a one-size-fits-all answer, unfortunately. A Democrat in a solidly blue state, like Novem in Massachussets, has a bit of an easier time, but there's always a loss of voting opportunity in one primary or another.

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