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View Diary: What's wrong with the media in seventeen (obscenity-free) words (90 comments)

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  •  That's one reason I appreciate The Economist (9+ / 0-)

    They use people's actual words, without hyperventilating. When Dick Cheney told Patrick Leahy "go fuck yourself" on the Senate floor, that's exactly what The Economist quoted him as saying. If I were reading the WaPo or the NYT, I'd never have known that.

    •  The Economist does not use a byline ... (8+ / 0-)

      they use an editorial team.  So the blame is shouldered ... the story is balanced, and no one gets celebrity status reporting for The Economist.  It's all so properly British.  A Tom Friedman would miss the limelight and probably would not be able to work with an editorial team.

      •  And this is why I often spend summers in Britain. (0+ / 0-)

        I have quite a few Irish cousins there. When I go through Heathrow, I don't get pestered by goony goo goos from Homeland Security.
        Tidbit from last summer in Chicago:
        Goony Goo Goo: "Purpose of your visit to Japan?"
        Me: Come again? Check my passport more carefully. I've lived in Japan for almost twenty years. I'm a resident of that country. Not this one. (I'm not a tourist returning from a jaunt through Asia numbnuts.)Thought, not spoken.. Jeesh."

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