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View Diary: GOP's concern trolling getting a bit desperate (93 comments)

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  •  The fact that they're fighting it so hard (9+ / 0-)

    probably means it's a good thing for most of us.

    "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." Daniel Patrick Moynihan

    by atlliberal on Tue Mar 02, 2010 at 06:02:29 PM PST

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    •  As Winston said, we'll be sober in the morning (4+ / 0-)

      We as Dems tend to look at the HCR proposal from a public policy standpoint and find it wanting.

      They, as Republicans, look at it almost purely from a political standpoint (ala the Bush/Rove perspective) and find anything that can be called health care reform a deadly blow to the prospects of their own return to power.

      Both sides may be right, but if they are right, we can still fix our policy problem later.  If we decide to let our rightness result in failure to pass anything, we likely won't have that opportunity again anytime soon.  

      It's a variation of the old Churchill quote,

      Yes madam, we may look like we're drunk as we are doing health care reform.
      But you, GOP, are ugly and wrong on health care reform.
      And, madam, we will be sober and still a majority in the morning (after the next elections.)

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