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  •  So what parts of the bill harm them NOW???? (1+ / 0-)
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    The answer is that they are better of with the bill passing than they are with the bill not passing.  That is really very simple.

    If you find something in the bill that is harmful for us in the near term then perhaps you would share that with us.  I know how you FEEEEEL, but how about some substance?

    "I know no safe depository for the ultimate power of society but the people themselves" -- Jefferson

    by TheTrucker on Tue Mar 02, 2010 at 07:59:54 PM PST

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    •  Mandated Coverage, Insurance Co. Windfall, Budget (0+ / 0-)

      Politically, forcing people to buy private insurance from the monopolies protected by antitrust exemption will hurt us now, especially because the subsidies for individuals don't kick in until 2014.

      Politically, delaying State Exchanges until 2014 hurts, especially if the COBRA bridge is taken out.  People need help now.

      Politically, the bill is front-loaded with tax hikes and spending cuts in the first few years with most of the new spending starting after 2014, effectively "hiding" the true huge growth in government.

      Politically, it will hurt that Medicare will be cut $465 billion- another half a trillion dollars (even if, or especially because, we don't know how those 'savings' will be obtained.)

      Politically even by 2019, it leaves over 20 million people uninsured.

      Politically, the bill includes a one-year "doc fix" in 2010, and so assumes doctors will face a 23% cut in Medicare reimbursements in 2011 which would carry into subsequent years. A complete doc fix would cost $210 billion in the first ten years alone. (The extension to avoid this cut appears to similar to  one of the items included in the bill extending unemployment compensation.)

      Some of these are just GOP talking points, and they may have explanations or justifications, but there will be a political cost to passage of this bill that will need to be balanced by political benefit.

      My point is not that it should not be passed but that it should do more to fix things now.  

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