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View Diary: Obama butts heads with American Federation of Teachers. (304 comments)

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  •  I am also disappointed (2+ / 0-)
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    Marie, Mike08

    and am a normally strong Obama supporter.  McCain's view of education was even worse--vouchers.  I don't know why no one can get TEACHERS WHO HAVE ACTUALLY TAUGHT IN A DIFFICULT PUBLIC SCHOOL to be a part of the decision.  What is the level of Duncan's teaching experience?  He is a guy in a cubicle spouting off theories that sound tough.  

    •  Neither Duncan nor Obama have (1+ / 0-)
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      any experience teaching K-12 poor children.  

      The Obama/Duncan approach is simply a faster path to privatization than vouchers.  Therefore, am hard pressed to consider that McCain's policy would have been worse.

      "Dulled conscience, irresponsibility, and ruthless self-interest already reappear. Such symptoms of prosperity may become portents of disaster!" FDR - 1937

      by Marie on Wed Mar 03, 2010 at 07:09:56 PM PST

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