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View Diary: Obama butts heads with American Federation of Teachers. (304 comments)

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  •  You think we don't need these unions? (1+ / 0-)
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    Ever meet an administrator who simply wants to help his cronies on the teaching staff and dump on the other teachers.  Believe me it happens.  Without unions it would be intolerable.  

    When unions increase wages for the middle class other businesses must raise wages to compete for those workers- so you are benefiting indirectly.  This Reaganite mentality that attacks American workers to help business is a menace.  Please be careful when you go down this route.

    By the way I know lots and lots of hard-working teachers.  They don't like dead wood either, but don't know what to do about it.  The best teachers need to police their unions to ensure that the union is making the right calls, not just collecting wages for them.

    •  Bad bosses a common fact of life (0+ / 0-)

      Come on- you think only teachers have a problem with lousy bosses? Everyone in the private sector deals with the same thing. If the prinicpal wants to go a certain ndirection, just go along with it. It's like that everywhere. Don't contradict the boss. Find out what the boss wants and help him achieve it.
      Also- from what I've seen of the local and East San Jose school district, in general the worst corruption is in the administration side. The school superintendent runs a little empire with very little oversight. He/she will hire their friends to plum jobs as 'consultants'. They don't hire their cronies as teachers, because that's a real job with real day-to-day work!

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