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View Diary: Morning Feature: Sticky Narratives, Part I - How Many Are We? (199 comments)

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  •  Narratives (18+ / 0-)

    Democrats often lacked these...until 2008. We have a sliver of a narrative but the leadership will have to prove itself worthy of those of us in Obama's "army", just imo. We sweat blood and tears to get these people elected is my narrative today. They need to show up in big ways and be the party of the people, not the rich. And soon, please. We need a real spring - where things are looking brighter for as many people as possible.
    In other news, the snow is melting fast!  The birdseed pile under the feeders is pretty ugly but the weekend promises to be nice enough to work outside - I've got bulbs to put in as well. And a new grandpuppy to go with my other grandanimals to pal around with, as well as neglected grandchildren. I'm cooking Sunday dinner for everyone, yay!
    Bouncing off to work in the sunshine, here. Happy Friday Eve!

    Think what you are doing today. -Fred Rogers

    by JanL on Thu Mar 04, 2010 at 05:01:21 AM PST

    •  Our progressive narratives are better, but ... (7+ / 0-)

      ... from a "sales" perspective the problems are how they're better, and how much better they are. Our progressive narratives - the stories we'd like our nation to live by - are better "for all of us," and by implication they should be at least somewhat better "for each of us." And they are somewhat better "for each of us," but not so much that every individual is certain to experience that improvement.

      In reality, some individuals won't see improvement from our progressive narratives, and conservatives will highlight those individuals' stories as "proof" that our ideas don't work. (They'll ignore the many more people who do even worse using their ideas.) We need to recognize that, and be ready to discuss it as more progressive narratives start to take root in policy.

      Good morning! ::hugggggs::

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