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View Diary: Morning Feature: Sticky Narratives, Part I - How Many Are We? (199 comments)

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  •  I was day dreaming yesterday (8+ / 0-)

    about what to do about the situation we find ourselves in. Fears about losing the house and senate and having a terrible 2010. (I'm with Gov Dean that we'll do better than most pundits think.)

    In NY CD#1 in 2008 the Repubs had to scrape the barrel to find a Rep challenger to our mod/lib Dem Congressman, this year every Republican and their brother are coming out of the woodwork to challenge. 10 challengers.

    This is a nightmare. So my daydream was to take out a full page ad in the local paper just excoriating the Republicans, ala the Ted Turner tact you describe.

    •  LI Mike - I think this is less of a problem (6+ / 0-)

      than you think.

      Out of the 10 challengers I think 8 of them are likely teabaggers who see their "chance".

      In my opinion (dreams?), the teabaggers will rip each other apart and the republican candidate in a lot of races is going to be not very attractive.

      Consider Kentucky: Ron Paul's son (the one named after Ayn Rand) is the likely candidate in the Senate race. Once his libertarian roots are exposed, I think that even Kentuckians will cringe. Do you really want a candidate whose focus is on closing the federal reserve? Like that resonates with anyone at all?

      HCR will pass, some re-regulation will pass and Democrats will have something to run on in the fall.

      Much of life is knowing what to Google

      by JanF on Thu Mar 04, 2010 at 06:27:54 AM PST

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