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View Diary: Arkansas Race from an Arkansan Point of View (137 comments)

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    mrkvica, 1BQ

    One scenario that I DO see being repeated here is the Democratic party and Obama rallying around the incumbent regardless of what is best for the party, the country, or what the voters of Arkansas want.

    During the CT primary, we were not just fighting LIEberman, but the entire Democratic party apparatus, which went as far as sending Bill Clinton to stump for LIEberman in the final days of the primary. It was an amazing victory and one which I had hoped would send a strong message to the party. It did not.

    Rather than support Lamont, our candidate, in the general election, the party establishment wrote the race off as a "win-win" claiming that they didn't care whether Lamont or LIEberman won and weren't going to devote resources to the race. Almost nobody from the party came to CT to campaign for Lamont.

    As one acquaintance explained to me, the message he took from Bill Clinton NOT coming back to stump for Lamont was that there must be something wrong with the candidate.

    I've already heard Tim Kaine assert DNC's wholehearted support for Lincoln. I've read that Obama supports her too. So here we go again. The Democrats never learn. I just hope Arkansas has a good sore loser law so Lincoln can't pull a LIEberman.

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