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  •  I wonder how many people (6+ / 0-)

    really understand how fragile our atmosphere see it from space it is thinner than the skin on an orange.  The trouble is that ecology is such a new science comparatively and only makes sense to those who have some local experience with it.  A relative of mine always derided me for being a "tree hugger".  It wasn't until he saw the effects of dirt bikes on a desert mountain side which caused deep grooves on the mountain that continue to grow into ugly gullys that changed his attitude.  We can never change those who are just waiting for the "rapture" or those who could care less if the climate is changing, as long as they get their money and power.  The rest can be changed, just as earlier peoples changed their view from "flat world" to a "round world"; unfortunately we don't have a few hundred years to diddle around.

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