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View Diary: Adam Green Doubles Down: Obama has a "Loser Mentality" (193 comments)

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  •  Jyrnx, why bother? These aren't (0+ / 0-)

    serious people.  They don't care about policy but about the charisma of a man.  It's all about the person to them, not the actual nuts and bolts of the legislation and the strategy that was used to push it.  Apparently none of these folks have ever negotiated for anything.  They are so baffled as to why so many of us are up in arms over the last year believing we "hate Obama" because they just fundamentally unable to see how things could have been any other way.  And this is all reflective of a fundamental blindness to how good negotiation works.  Their hopeless.  What's sad is that they do more to damage the administration and democrats than any of us.  Shitty policy is a silver bullet for electoral disaster in the future.  Look forward to another two decades in the wilderness.  Thank you very much DLCers.

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