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  •  A couple of guesses (4+ / 0-)

    a) One of my gay male friends once told me: "I'm STILL male, darling...and what male do you know is not always thinking about sex and who they want to do next?" I had asked why gay guys always seemed so promiscuous (okay I was young and curious and incredibly insensitive, but was obviously gifted in the friend department.)

    So could it be that the accuser(s)are PROJECTING? I mean, I was once a straight, attractive female and as many of that kind can attest...males, in general, can be a rather aggressive lot. (Now I'm just old and tired...thanks for asking.)


    b) Logically, one could assume that the only transwomen one would even notice would be those who had aggressive streaks. The non-aggressive ones would pass unnoticed all together. Therefore, a stereotype that doesn't reflect reality has been birthed and someone is making use of it.

    I am trying to be charitable while also trying to understand the problem. On the other hand, it could be that these people are just fucking dicks.

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