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    what does that even mean? Nevermind, answering, I dont get it, never will and everytime I try to, a transgender person takes it upon him/herself to tell ME that I am instead of allowing me to be who and what I am (even though trans folks insist on defining themselves.....)

    Peace thru hemp / hemp for life!

    by Boudicia Dark on Fri Mar 05, 2010 at 05:19:49 PM PST

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    •  To be truthful, Boudicia... (2+ / 0-)
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      triciawyse, pantherq have cast a lot of bad thoughts in our direction.

    •  Please don't be upset (7+ / 0-)

      I'll try to explain.

      Transsexuality is generally understood to be very much body-oriented. Transsexual men often report "missing" their penis even as little children and being deeply disturbed when they develop breasts in puberty, while transsexual women often complain of a deep-seated antipathy toward their penis, body hair, and voice. Transsexual people, basically, feel like they were born into the wrong body.

      Transgender is a feeling of discomfort with being seen as one's birth sex, or with performing the role of one's birth sex. Transgender children will often insist on opposite-sex clothes, have opposite-sex playmates, and prefer to play on opposite-sex sports teams. Transgender adults may crossdress to varying degrees, with or without the intent to "pass" as the opposite sex, and may prefer to interact socially as their preferred gender.

      Any given person may be either transsexual or transgender or both. It seems that most transsexual people do prefer the gender expression of their preferred sex, but that's not true in all cases or at all times.

      Every horror committed by man begins with the lie that some man is not a man. - Jyrinx

      by kyril on Fri Mar 05, 2010 at 05:28:20 PM PST

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      •  If I may quote myself here: (7+ / 0-)

        Unfortunately that mission has been marinated in frustration.  I spent several years studying, discussing, deconstructing and reassembling gender with my friends and some of the people who hate us on general principles.  I could still be doing that if I chose.  But is a neverending process and requires new blood as time passes.  And in the end, the problem will still be how one transmits those conclusions to a public who doesn't have that time to spend...or the inclination to do so.

        At least not in the last millennium,...and perhaps not in this one.

        And we are left with the sound byte story of our lives.  I was born in the wrong body?  Really?  Can someone tell me what that really means and end up with something constructive, something that is not dismissive of my existence and the process I have gone through?

        But it is what people expect to hear, even whether or not it is meaningless drivel.

        The truth is that some of us spend years analyzing gender in order to discover just who we are, while most people are such experts on the subject that they don't even give it a second thought...let alone give us a second chance at life.

        I do not embrace "both genders," from my perspective, because the concept of "both genders" is too limiting, too reductionist, in my opinion too damaging to our society.  I have my own personal gender, just like everyone else.

        And I am too cognitively complex for a sound byte.

        From at least one point of view, no discussion of my gender can ultimately prove fruitful until the people participating in that discussion have examined their own conceptualization of the subject.  But that requires people who are willing to do that examination.  Perhaps even before that, it requires people wanting to participate in the discussion.

        It requires people of all genders.

        So I keep plucking that thread, hoping the vibration caused will become a standing wave and some year begin such an open dialog.

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