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View Diary: Weekly Tracking Poll: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (92 comments)

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    Let's look at the Republican party support by age:

    Republican Party fav/unfav (last week)
    18-29 19/78   (7/87) +21
    30-44 30/68  (49/42) -45
    45-59 33/62  (22/69) +18
    60+ 35/60 (26/63)  +12

    So, we see here some swing to the Republicans among most age groups, but those are from abysmal numbers to somewhat less abysmal numbers. The most interesting is that there appears to be a HUGE number of unregistered 30-somethings who support Republicans. We have our problem of registering young people and minorities, but will the Republicans be able to counter by registered all these 30'something unregistered potential Republicans?

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