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  •  Take the profit out of carbon trading and ask (13+ / 0-)


    As an example, The Financial Times recently reported that an American family was the first to apply for a carbon credit.  They installed solar, hung laundry out to dry instead of using a dryer, and took other steps.  They used a web site to discover they qualified for one carbon credit, worth $21.50US.

    The family decided to sell this credit on a carbon exchange brokerage, and an American company bought the credit.

    The brokerage-exchange took a 20% commission on the sale.  20%.

    Ken Lay, of Enron fame, in the 70's and 80's got into Sulfur trading, and realized what a gold mine Carbon trading would become.  Ken Lay.  Of Enron.  He took the idea to Al Gore, then VP under Clinton, and pitched the concept.

    We know we have pollution.  Autos, coal, nuclear plants that generate waste that last thousands of years, and those huge 'islands' of plastic waste in our Pacific and Atlantic.  

    I do not doubt that our climate is affected by human and industrial activity.  

    But: let's take the profit out of carbon trading.  Let's bar Goldman Sachs from trading in carbon credits, let's put any profits from carbon trading and associated derivatives into a global educational, food, and infrastructure fund.  And then, let's see then who advocates carbon trading as a solution.

    By analogy, the asbestos that comes from car and truck breaks, or particles from composites, generates pollution.  Let's make a list of all pollution sources and ask: how can we limit these, not just carbon.  And let's take the profit out of trading 'credits' for these sources as well as for carbon.

    In other words, let's make carbon and other pollution sources a 'zero profit' situation, and see who stands up to advocate controlling pollution then?  My guess: bar profits from trading in pollution source credits and it will be a far far different world if Goldman Sachs and others cannot make trillions off this trading scheme.  

    I do not deny pollution's effects.  I don't want Goldman Sachs to make trillions off pollution, or anyone else.  

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