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  •  Not enough media attention on Steele's spin (1+ / 0-)
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    Matt Z

    The media hasn't paid enough attention to exactly what Steele said. Some have actually given him kudos for getting in front of the controversy.

    Here's Steele's spin:

       "Those are images that were pulled off the internet, they've been out in the public domain for a while, and you know, a staffer was putting together a presentation for a small group of about nine or ten folks and thought that they would intersperse the presentation with humorous shots," Steele explained in an appearance on Fox News. "They are inappropriate shots."

    "Humorous shots" - that's what the Republicans really think about them and in trying to spin it he let the cat out of the bag. Unfortunately, no one is calling him out on that. It's like the usual Republican excuse - "it was a joke."

    The other thing he said about the images being on the internet and in the public domain, what's that about? No one was accusing them of copyright infringement. Maybe he's saying at least we didn't make them up.

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