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View Diary: "Ashamed" big GOP donor closes checkbook (106 comments)

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  •  Bickhart is an employee AND a consultant (0+ / 0-)

    This sounds unethical. The RNC employs him with a salary and pays consulting fees?

    According to the article he started a consulting firm a week after accepting the RNC job.

    The RNC has paid Bickhart $130,131 in payroll since June, according to Federal Election Commission records, which suggest he is on pace to pull in a little more than $196,000 per year in salary. In addition, his Pennsylvania-based consulting firm, ECapitol Direct, has received $240,000 in fees paid in five installments beginning June 8 – about three weeks after he was announced as the RNC’s new finance director and about two weeks after he registered ECapitol Direct with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s office.

    A source said this was standard. It sounds like he's milking the system.

    Bickhart used to work for Santorum as both finance director for Santorum’s political operation and as executive director of Santorum's charity

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