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  •  this is why we need to get in the habit of... (2+ / 0-)
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    trashablanca, WarrenS

    measuring stuff.

    For example a family that uses cloth diapers and measures how much water goes through their washer per load of diapers, could provide excellent data:

    D = Number of diapers used per week.

    L = Laundry loads of diapers per week.  

    W = Water per load of diapers.

    W times L = T: total water usage for laundering diapers.

    T divided by D = water usage per diaper.  

    Now we have an objective figure to compare with water usage per disposable diaper.  


    Even if cloth diapers use more water than disposables:  In a decline & fall scenario, where disposable diapers may no longer be available, it's still useful to have access to cloth diapers.  This is another example of a paradox between sustainability and resilience (ability of a culture to operate more or less normally despite various natural and anthropogenic disasters).  

    •  one more thing... (0+ / 0-)

      Laundry water from diaper loads is blackwater, not graywater, because it contains suspended fecal solids (tiny particles of shit) and fecal bacteria.  Unlike other laundry water, you can't use it on your yard & garden.  

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