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  •  My TSH is 3.36 (7+ / 0-)

    and my rheumatologist says it is high and my thyroid is slightly enlarged. My GP, on the other hand, says I am in the normal range and doesn't feel my thyroid is enlarged. Honestly I really don't like my GP, but in my town no doctors are taking new patients. I also have my hands full with my auto-immune arthritis so I have not done any additional research into my thyroid. My stepson requires an endocrinologist (down syndrome) and it is a 400 mile round trip for a doctors visit. I already go 200 miles everytime I see my rheumatologist. Living in a rural community can be wonderful - but don't get sick.....

    My biological mother, who I barely know, says she had her "thyroid killed". I have no idea what that means, does anyone here have a clue what she is talking about?

    •  My guess it would be chemical (6+ / 0-)

      or radiation destruction of the thyroid tissue.

      I don't know much about this but I know this can be treatment for hyper cell growth in the thyroid, probably noncancerous.

      This is often associated with hyper, not hypo, thyroidism as the increased growth results in excess thyroid hormone secretion. This would produce the reverse symptoms of what we have been discussing. Weight loss, high BMR, high heart rate, high anxiety nervous energy.

      Once the tissue is destroyed they then put you on life long thyroid hormone to avoid hypothyroid symptoms.

      •  Well she is easily a 400 pound woman (4+ / 0-)

        but I don't know when she had it done. I am guessing it was decades ago. I really don't like the "does it run in your family' questions from doctors. I was adopted, I have a little information. I certainly am missing 90% of any family history. I am in contact with a biological sister, not really any other relative. Just found a half sister on facebook.

        Maybe 3.36 is just fine for me. I have another blood draw scheduled this month and will remember to see what value it has this time. If it has gone higher I suppose I should drive to Redding and get the specialist to look at it.  

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