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    michael moore is a dick.  I loved his early movies but if you need proof that he is a dick check him out on Bill Maher.  Maher was asking him a legit question about why Moore thought this film, which Maher was touting as great, got snubbed by the Oscars.  Moore was being a prick and saying "oh are we talking about how your film didn't get nominated last year.... I am really sorry your film wasn't nominated."  He wasn't adult enough to engage in a conversation.  Maher is kind of taking a back since he wasn't trying to rub it in Moores face rather ascertain why he thought the academy didn't like his film......

    He came off like a complete asshole.  Moore also notably announced on this website that french people ate cheese and smoked cigs so they were as unhealthy as citizens of the US.  That proves he is as clueless as any ass-hat republican.

    I really wish this site did not allow this guy to pimp his goods here.  

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