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View Diary: Rahm Emanuel should be shown the door (40 comments)

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    Other pieces followed in which sources attacked Obama's top aides and repeated the line that Emanuel was the spurned saviour of the Obama White House, not its downfall. But there was a backlash, too. Anonymous sources reported that Michelle Obama had been furious at the Milbank column. "A knife in Obama's back?" thundered a headline in the Los Angeles Times.

    The excerpt links to the LA Times Jonah Goldberg piece.  

    But back to the Guardian.  This is laughable:

    It began when some public figures on the left of the party, including prominent bloggers and members of thinktanks, began to call for his resignation, accusing him of being a closet conservative who had failed to get meaningful healthcare reform and other liberal policy through Congress. One, the influential Jane Hamsher of the blog Firedoglake, even said the Justice Department should investigate him.

    That would be Jane Hamsher + Grover Norquist.

    The link to Ezra Klein takes him totally out of context:

    The Guardian piece says "fumed the Washington Post's Ezra Klein."

    Has Ezra ever "fumed" about anything?

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