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View Diary: We get health care reform, we get rid of Rush Limbaugh (209 comments)

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  •  they also have a large American ex-pat community (4+ / 0-)
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    CParis, jds1978, JML9999, nellgwen

    of former CIA agents, assorted Orange Country type Republcians insurance agents and reals estate brokers.

    I've been there quite a few times in the last twenty years and personally would for myself prefer Panama. But for Rush, Columbia would be great.

    My guess though is that he would gravitate to the Dominican republic. Who knows and frankly who cares. It's the power trip he loves, not the location. If truth be known he's probably miffed at all the attention Palin and Beck are getting. He's a bit of an old washed up hasbeen, despite his so-called popularity. He passed his sell by date at least a decade ago.
    He'll never live down that Oxycontin fueled dance at last years? CEPACE. Showed him for the tue megalomanic he is.

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