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  •  Excellent work. (4.00)
    It would be nice to expand "Cursing diaries" to "Rants and Cursing diaries", although they are usually the same thing. :)

    It would also be a godsend to expand the description of the displays.  For instance, I just found the "threaded dynamic" feature and absolutely adore it since I can rate and the rating comes up immediately without having to "rate all" at the end. No more loss of ratings because I forgot to open another window to comment.  BTW, uber-mojo to you for pointing this little trick (right-click comment)out; what a time and mental health savings.

    A++++  Should be promoted to front page and linked to faqs.

    Although I haven't seen it as much lately, it's also important for new members to realize there are a myriad of established personalities and relationships when they come in.  If you see someone drop an f-bomb on someone else it doesn't immediately warrant a troll rating. There are a lot of friendships here and before you take someone to task it's best just to sit back and see if you might have only stumbled on a friendly game of profane banter instead of an actual flame war. Words on the screen can't transmit the emotion behind them. Get to know the place and people before handing out judgements.


    The toughest part of being on a diet is shutting up about it. Gerald Nachman

    by mentaldebris on Sun Jan 09, 2005 at 01:21:21 PM PST

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