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View Diary: Soj's Old Tyme FAQ and Jamboree (70 comments)

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  •  Yup (none)
    Terrific info and advice no matter how long one's been around.

    I admit that I break the 'no pictures above the fold' etiquette in my daily diary,but I hope that by adding the parenthetical (photo) to the title I give fair warning.

    Folks, please let me know if this is not enough, and I'll move things around.

    Maybe another idea to expand upon could be something along the lines of "You know you're addicted to dKos when..."

    I mean, I think I might have a small problem, but maybe not. How can I be sure? ;^)

    Oh, and maybe a word or two on those pithy little italicized comments so many people use as footers. What's up with that?

    Peace out, RubDMC

    "Fuck with tha muthufuckas tea, and the shit be on." The 3rd Duchess of Kent, upon hearing of the Boston Tea Party (TDS)

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